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Dog Walking Services rain or shine, we're ready to walk!

We are all familiar with the demands of our day:  work, school, children, family.  Oftentimes we find ourselves rushing our dogs around the block to relieve themselves before we rush off on our next errand.  Blissful Buddha Pet Services understands the value of a nice, long walk for your dogs. We're here to assist pet owners in the Savannah metro area and ensure that their pets get the exercise they need.  Blissful Buddha Pet Services offers dog walking in your Savannah neighborhood, dog walking in Daffin Park, dog walking in Forsyth Park, and even a dog walk to one of the local Savannah dog parks.  We also provide dog walking for Southside Savannah, Georgetown, Pooler, Thunderbolt, The Landings, Wilmington Island, Tybee Island and the local surrounding areas.


Last Minute Reservations:  Dog walking visits booked within 24 hours of the first scheduled visit will incur a $5 per visit last minute booking fee.


Cancellation Policy:  Dog walking reservation cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled visit will be charged 50% of the canceled visit total.

Dog Walking
We offer dog walking for $30 for an hour long walk or $20 for a half hour. $25 for hour visits with a monthly plan. We can walk or run in your pet's own neighborhood. Or if you rather, we can take your pups to the park! We provide pick up service for puppies to go play in Daffin Park, Forsyth Park, or the Savannah Dog Park! Dog Running
Some dogs have the need to go fast and a walk just doesn't burn off all their energy. If your dog loves to run and you don't - we also offer a dog running service! $25 for 30 minutes or $35 for an hour. $25 for hour visits with a monthly plan. Dog Hiking
Now also offering Dog Hiking! Your dog will love this fun and active outing! We will treat your pup to a true hike through one of our local State Parks through the woods on a real adventure! $45 for 90 minutes round trip or $75 for 3 hours.
Prior to the date of your first session, we recommend an introductory visit to give us an opportunity to meet you and your pets. This is also an ideal time for you to show us your routine and give us a copy of your keys. Introductory visits are as long as necessary to allow pets to become comfortable and for our clients to share detailed description on any needs or requests. $15 Discounts may apply for multiple dogs and/or monthly packages. Risk Free Trial We promise that not only will your dog love us and be well taken care of, but he will look forward to our time together. You will be impressed with our professionalism and commitment to top notch care. Hire us for a trial dog walking or running session, if you're not completely satisfied you will receive a 100% refund. A travel surcharge may be added for clients on the southside of Savannah, Georgetown, Pooler, and the surrounding area.
Top Ten Health Benefits Walking Provides Your Pet #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10

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Keeps Pets Healthy, Agile and Limber Helps With Weight Control Helps the Digestive System Helps Reduce or Eliminate Destructive Behavior Helps Alleviate Extra Energy Reducing Hyperactivity, Excitability and Nighttime Activity. Helps Curb Unruliness Such as Knocking Over Furniture or Jumping on People Barking and Whining are Signs Your Pet Wants Attention. Regular Walks Helps Reduce Attention-Seeking Behaviors. Helps Promote a Bond Helps a Fearful or Timid Pet Build Confidence and Trust Fresh Air Does Us all Good

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