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Other Blissful Buddha Pet Services Basic Grooming
Basic grooming services, including baths, nail trims, brushing, and ear cleaning. Pet Taxi & Shuttle Service
Transportation to and from Veterinary Appointments, Foster Homes, etc. If you're out of town or at work, or just busy, we can bring your pet to his/her veterinary appointment. We can do this any way that works best for you. If your veterinarian offers drop off services, we can drop your pet off at the clinic and bring him back home for you after he's been seen. Or, if you prefer, we can see the veterinarian with your pet in a regularly scheduled appointment. Pet Photography
We offer a variety of pet photograph packages. Digital Albums or Prints, very competitive prices. Starting at $50. Call us and let us know what you're looking for and we will find what works best for you. We can do a photo shoot in your home, during a doga class, outside, at the park, or at any other location. Medication Administration and SQ Fluid Administration
Some of our pet clients take medication and/or need subcutaneous fluids when they are ill. We are very experienced with these procedures and are able to offer these services to our clients. Pet First Aid
As experienced veterinary technicians, we can take care of your pet's first aid needs. Including wound care, cleaning and disinfecting wounds, replacing bandages, removing sutures, medical cuts and shavings of mats and wounds. Especially helpful after surgery. Follow-up care can be done in the comfort of your own home. House Sitting
Even if you don't have pets, we can take care of your home and property for you while you're away. This service includes plant watering, mail collection, bringing trash bins to and from curb, maintaining security of property, and any extra request you may have. $15/visit Pet Care Gift Certificates
Get 10% off our regular prices when you purchase a pet care gift card for a friend! Gift Certificates are good for pet sitting visits and dog walking! This is a great gift for pet lovers! Expires one year from purchase date. Travel fees may apply. Organic Homemade Treats and Baskets
We bake homemade, organic cookies, cakes, and biscuits for your furry friend. Available in vegetarian or vegan. Baskets include homemade treats and special toys. A great gift idea for your pet or for a pet parent. Restock Supplies
Don't worry if you don't have time to restock on your pet supplies before our pet sitting visit. We can go to the store for you and purchase food, treats, litter, and anything else your pet may need during our stay. $10 + the amount on receipt - Even if we are not currently sitting for you, we can run this errand for you, anytime! $15 + amount on receipt New Pet Adoption Assistance
Get help finding the right pet for your family. We offer this complimentary service free of charge to our clients! Tick Removal
Professional tick removal will minimize chances of infection.

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