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Blissful Buddha Pet Services offers Dog Yoga classes in the Savannah metro area! These "Doga" classes are offered in partnership with The Yoga Room of Savannah. Classes are based on a level one practice modified to include our canine companions. Large dogs are used to counter balance us as we lean. Smaller dogs can be used as weights to add resistance to certain poses. Dogs participate in breathing and relaxation. There is a time in class for tricks and treats! Dogs feed off the energy of their partner and the other dogs. As the class progresses towards relaxation (savasana), the dogs become calm and zen. Class is fun for people and pups! It's a great way to socialize your dog!! Cost for the class is $15. All funds are donated to If The Pit Fits , Pit Bull Rescue & Rehabilitation The numerous benefits of canine massage include: - Reducing the potential for injury by alleviating muscle tension and spasm - Increasing blood flow, thereby supplying more oxygen to the muscle tissue and removing toxins - Promoting healing and overall wellness - Improving muscle balance, reducing soreness, stiffness and pain - Increasing range of motion - Reducing tension, stress and anxiety - Helping to speed recovery time from injury or surgery - Promoting emotional well being - Helping older dogs and those suffering from arthritic disorders by easing tension in muscles that are used to compensate for joint dysfunction Equine Massage
Horses have more than 150 muscles in their body. Each one having a specific function that allows them to move with enormous grace. By keeping these muscles in top form, we can help them do more work with less effort. Massage therapy is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep horses at the top of their game. Muscular problems can occur in any horse, but they most often occur in horses which are involved in some form of training and/or competition. Intense training, for any sport, can result in exertion. The price your horse pays for exertion will be a loss of complete freedom and ease of motion due to residual muscle tightening. This may start out as slight tension in the body and may go unnoticed at first. In time, this tightness is followed by the development of spasms and eventually knotted tissue at the area where muscle exertion and tightness occurred. Spasms and knots cause pressure. Pressure causes discomfort and pain. The horse responds to this by resisting, refusing, or just being "not quite right" in their work. However, with accurate massage techniques, the compromised muscle tissue can be restored to its normal function. The pain subsides and the problem disappears. The benefits of massage are numerous, yielding both immediate and long term results. It is a fantastic tool that can help you gauge if your horse has a problem brewing and, in many cases, it can even help you prevent injury. All of this in addition to improving athletic performance! The massage touch has a very strong healing influence on the horse. It is widely used to prevent and relieve stress. Massage techniques can affect the whole body by increasing range of motion, improving stamina, enhancing performance and gait quality, improving circulation and removing toxins from the tissues, and providing comfort to muscle injuries and soreness. Acupressure
Acupressure is a lesser known form of bodywork. Stemming from traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure is the practice of applying fingertip pressure at specific points on the body to influence and control the flow of Qi, (pronounced "chee"). Qi is the energy that activates all life processes. It can be used to improve general health and wellbeing, as well as to strengthen muscles, joints, and even organ systems. It can also be used in emergency situations and in cases of both acute and chronic illness. Acupressure works to alleviate pain by releasing endorphins (the body's natural pain killer), which relieves the symptoms of various conditions. While their benefits can be outstanding, acupressure and massage are neither treatments nor cures; please realize that they are evaluation tools and are not substitutes for veterinary medicine. But they do complement — and even enhance — veterinary treatments, and as a means of prevention they can go a long way in improving your horse’s quality of life and ability to perform. Please note: Massage is a complementary therapy and is not a replacement for veterinary care and wellness check-ups. In cases of injury, illness or recent surgery, veterinary clearance will be required

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Canine Massage
Massage therapy is beneficial for all types of dogs, from house pets to dogs active in obedience, agility, search and rescue, police K-9 units, and guide dogs. Progressive dog owners are realizing the same benefits for their pets as those in the human and equine fields. Massage uses touch to encourage relaxation and a general improvement in overall physical and emotional wellbeing and quality of life. Massage can be used to complement behavior modification and training, boost the immune system, improve flexibility and range of motion, soothe and relax sore muscles and joints, aid in the healing process of old injuries, help dogs cope with chronic diseases such as arthritis, and much more. Massage is an effective and affordable therapy that can be used to complement veterinary treatments.

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